Under Construction: Choosing Good Values


Whenever my life is flipped over like a pancake, I do what I do best. I write. It's spring in New York. My house is under construction, it's a total disaster. Everything is everywhere. It's the perfect time to start my blog on my website. 

Sometimes when things get turned upside down, you see what shakes out of them. What's important. What's not. What sticks, what stays and what's worth keeping around. 

It's evident that the life you create on in the inside is not the same as the life that you create on the outside. When your outside surroundings and circumstances crumble, you're forced to examine what's on the inside.  I'm seeing now, that the foundation to the lives we build are based on values.

I've been reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck by Mark Manson (which is hilarious by the way, read it) and I've been meditating on this idea of values and how having good values alters your internal world.

Mark says, "Whether we like it or not, we are always taking an active role in what's occurring to and within us. We are always interpreting the meaning of every moment and every occurrence. We are always choosing the values by which we live and the metrics by which we measure everything that happens to us."

This golden nugget of wisdom dropped on me in a timely fashion. The workers in my house have been ripping out 20 ft. holes in my ceiling, pulling out the insulation and rebuilding the structure of the walls. Dust is covering every surface and my dog Frankie is an anxiety filled train wreck. For whatever reason, I seem to find meaning in everything... and this disruption is no exception.

While my outside world in under construction, so is my inside world. I've been challenging myself to choose good values to build my house upon. To really question what's important and letting what's not, fall...just like the dust from my ceiling.

What do you value? I value having a genuine love for people, connecting with one another, sharing experiences, and inspiring those who need the inspiration. Today I start the blog to express these values, thanks to the random strangers who are currently ripping apart my house. 

Choose good values. Choose good materials to be made of. That shit don't break.