Photo by Shervin Lainez   

Photo by Shervin Lainez


Most of us are normalized to believing that happiness is found in external milestones. It's easy to pin our level of self-worth to accomplishments or material things. Once you have the money, once you have the house, once you have the job, once you lose the weight, once things line up...then you'll be happy. Leaving contentment up to the rolling dice of our circumstances is a sure way to never be satisfied.

Reaching too far into the future will always make us feel as though we don't have all the puzzle pieces together. All life is, is a series of moments strung together. What if we make the intention to be satisfied right now? 

Rather than getting carried away by the wild horses of our thoughts, reach for satisfaction in each moment. Reach for contentment in each moment as it comes. It's a simpler way of grounding ourselves. Being here and now. Intentionally see through the lens of satisfaction.

When I make this my intention, I start to see my life completely differently. It actually feels easier to be happy when you make it a one step process. When I practice this concept, it changes my energy and makes me feel more grateful for little details in my life that I might not have appreciated before. Relaxing into the feeling of being satisfied, allows me to really see the magic in my life.

I listen to a podcast about the law of attraction called Everyday Attraction. (I love this podcast btw, I've learned a lot here.) They touch more on this subject in the episode "The Formula for Happily Ever After." Near the end of the podcast, host Rae Zander encourages you to let today be enough. This part in particular struck a chord for me and maybe it will for you too.

Let today be enough. Let each moment be enough. Let exactly where you are and what you're doing be enough.