photo by Shervin Lainez

photo by Shervin Lainez

there was a part of me that was missing a body of work. a concept. a group of songs. until now, i had only been putting out single songs. i miss the body. of art.

Chapters is a new body of art. a group of 3 songs, each with a common theme. Chapters is a new form of roll out. each song will be released individually and only a few weeks apart from each other. when the third song goes up, the entire Chapter will be live.

rather than doing a single, or an EP or an Album (for now), i've decided to do this instead. i created this model because i wanted to do something different. i wanted a body. i wanted to say more. and this where my inspiration lead me. 

Chapter 1 is titled "The Truth" and it's first song will be a cover of Alex Ebert's song "Truth" releasing this Friday, July 27th

it's been too long since I updated this blog. i promise that will change. i'm looking forward to writing and expanding here more with all of you