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Los Angeles based songstress DYLN (pronounced “Dylan”) blurs the lines between pop, R&B and electronic music. Her debut, “Better Things,” is an infectious single, where the singer tells off the people dragging her down by bluntly saying she has “Better things to do.” 

The Canadian native, born and raised on Vancouver Island, is half Filipino, making her “Hapa” meaning “mixed ethnic heritage”. She began writing poetry and songs at a young age, eventually teaching herself the guitar. After graduating high school, she left small town life to take the opportunity as an intern at a recording studio in Vancouver B.C. While working in bars as a waitress, the singer wrote hundreds of songs and performed at local nightclubs.

Smooth sailing was not always guaranteed for the artist. During a difficult time, the singer slipped into depression for several months, which she refers to as the “worst time of her life.” DYLN -- who’s name comes from an all black carbon fiber guitar she named “Dylan” -- had a tradition of naming her instruments. “When I bought the guitar, I was told its material was unbreakable and able to weather any storm.”  She continued to craft songs on “Dylan” throughout her depression, keeping the sentiment as her name.


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